Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm so casual I shit Zuma spheres

I can't play the mainstream Touhou games. I can do them decently at first, even clearing the first two stages on Lunatic, but then my focus starts to wane. After that, it doesn't matter what the difficulty's on. I dodge into bullets, stop seeing patterns and never hit my bomb key in time, if I even remember I have them.

Now, the spin-offs I can do. The Phantasmagorias and the photography games are by far my favorites and also the only ones I can make respectable progress in. I also just think they're straight up more fun. Considering the draw of the Touhou games are the bosses, having big long segments shooting up fairies and ghosts is a waste of time. Instead of that, boss battles could be the whole stage long and be more dynamic, with the "true" fight only beginning at the end of the stage.

But maybe I'm just a adult-ADD ridden faggot and don't know what I'm talking about.

In the end, I'll still play them all and try to beat them, even going so far as taking 15-minute breaks in between stages, just because I enjoy Touhou. I enjoy the characters: who they are, who they aren't, and who fans deliberately believe them to be. I'm not certain I could ever enjoy this type of game without them, although admittedly I did play the hell out of Raptor when I was younger.

Fuck yeah. Between that, Rise of the Triad and Descent, being ten was awesome.

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  1. Same goes for me, I guess. First I have to play a few times to get immersed, then I can play two playthroughs and then I just have to quit. Shit sucks.